Our Bellevue, WA Location is At:

915 118th Ave SE
Suite 100
Bellevue, WA 98005
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Phone: 206-704-4699

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm

We can also work with you to schedule appointments off our usual hours if needed.

Private Infusion Suites Parking Available Bilingual


We offer injection and infusion treatments for a wide range of chronic illnesses, ranging from asthma and migraines to lupus and multiple sclerosis. You can view the full list of therapies offered here. At our Bellevue, WA location, our caring and experienced medical team will closely monitor you throughout your visit. To make this possible, we keep our patient-to-staff ratio low so that you will get the time and attention you deserve.

Please note that we require a physician’s referral to schedule an appointment. Your doctor can provide this referral directly through our convenient physicians’ referral portal and we will be glad to work with you and your doctor to get your appointment scheduled.


We were inspired to start Infusion for Health because we believe that patients who need routine infusions deserve a warm, relaxing and comfortable experience, rather than an impersonal one that you might find at a hospital infusion center. Your comfort and care is our priority. All of our patients enjoy treatment in a private infusion suite, with access to warm blankets, Wi-Fi and a smart TV; as well as free snacks and beverages.

When your appointment is over, we will follow up with you and ask for feedback to ensure that you were satisfied with your experience; this will allow us to continually improve our service. We will also share your treatment notes with your physician to help with continuity of care.

To learn more, please visit our website here.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Bellevue Location

Infusion for Health requires a physician’s referral to schedule an appointment. Talk to your doctor and have them send us the therapy-specific order form along with your insurance details to start the process.

We will then coordinate with your physician and insurer to secure the required approvals. Once this is done, we will notify you to schedule an appointment at our convenient location in Bellvue.

Note that we offer hassle-free scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation.
If you have questions about our services or want to book an appointment, call us at 206-704-4699 or contact us via the online form.

Schedule an Appointment at Our
Bellevue, WA Location

We keep scheduling hassle-free and accommodate rescheduling and cancellations to the best of our ability.

Get started with a referral (including the therapy-specific order form) from your doctor.

We will work with your provider and insurer to ensure you are covered or can get reimbursed, while guaranteeing collaboration across the continuum of care.

If you have questions about our services or want schedule an appointment, call us at 206-704-4699 or contact us via the online form.

Infusion For Health offers exceptional infusion therapy services in comfortable, convenient, and safe locations throughout the U.S.