Our Streamlined Approval Process for Quick Approvals

Our experience and strong relationships with insurance carriers enable us to successfully advocate for your patients so that they can start infusion therapy quickly. For every new patient and therapy, our intake professionals:

  • Process your physician referral faxed to (888) 852-2636 or email the drug order set to care@infusionforhealth.com
  • Verify your insurance benefits, confirming your eligibility and coverage for your prescribed drug
  • Obtain insurer approval and notify your physician
  • Explore relevant drug assistance programs, rebates, and other cost-saving opportunities
  • Contact you and discuss your benefits, potential rebates and drug assistance programs, and out-of-pocket costs (if any)
  • Schedule your first appointment, reviewing any questions you may have

Throughout the process, we will let you know if we need more information or any issues arise. Thanks to our strong relationships with insurers, once we receive your physician’s referral the rest of the process usually takes only two to three business days so you can start your therapy and feel better sooner.

Before your first visit, you’ll complete your patient information forms and other paperwork we need.

Insurance We Accept

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Have questions?

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Doctor Helping PatientHow to Get Started

Your doctor’s referral kicks off the process. If you’re starting therapy, or you want to switch where you’re currently receiving infusion, reach out to physician’s office and tell them you’d like to go to Infusion for Health. Please have your doctor complete the drug order sets for your specific treatment under our For Providers page.

Infusion For Health offers exceptional infusion therapy services in a comfortable, safe environment in locations throughout the greater California area.