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Infusion for Health recognizes that the best patient care requires a collaborative health community.

Physicians and nurses are on the front lines of patient care. However, many other players are needed to make up a cohesive and functional health ecosystem capable of best meeting patients’ needs.

Life sciences companies, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and insurers are all critical parts of the system. As an infusion therapy partner, we strive to bridge the gaps between these key players, providing an ongoing continuum of care that puts the patient first.

Our Commitment to Key Partners in the Health Community

Infusion for Health is a leading provider of infusion therapy services with locations acrossSouthern California to help patients manage their complex, chronic conditions.To ensure we are giving patients the best standard of care possible, we build collaborative relationships throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

We strive to be:

  • An infusion therapy center of excellence that life sciences companies can count on.
  • A complementary alternative for hospitals and health facilities.
  • A reliable, high quality and low-cost partner for insurers.

An Infusion Therapy Center of Excellence for Life Sciences Companies

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are integral to improving patient outcomes. Life sciences innovators are continually working to create new and improved medicines. Without their valuable R&D efforts, we would not provide our patients with the latest cutting-edge products.

Getting Life Sciences Products to Patients Safely

Infusion for Health currently administers more than 45 infusion and injection treatments, including biologics and brand name products. Life sciences companies can be sure their products are administered professionally, safely, and in line with protocols. Additionally, we foster lasting relationships with our life sciences to stay abreast of market changes, new therapies in development, and expected drug approvals to ensure our patients have access to the best and most diverse treatments available.

Provide Real-World Feedback on Biologics and Pharmaceuticals Usage

Our relationship with our life sciences partners is mutually beneficial. We provide feedback at an aggregate level on how biologics and pharmaceuticals are implemented in a “real world” setting.

Infusion for Health provides feedback insights on access challenges, reimbursement issues, and clinical hurdles that patients and prescribing physicians face. We help our life sciences partners improve the patient experience, and enhance safe and effective drug utilization.

Working Together to Ensure Accessibility of Care

Infusion for Health is dedicated to getting cutting-edge medicines into the hands of patients. We work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to increase access and affordability. We help patients enroll in drug and other financial assistance programs to ensure all patients can afford the critical care they to be healthy.

A Valuable Support Network for Hospitals and Health Facilities

Hospitals and health facilities are vital providers of patient care, especially for those living with complex chronic conditions. Infusion for Health is proud to support their critical work by providing a complementary setting where patients can receive therapy.

By offering an alternative setting for outpatient infusion services, we can help health systems free up valuable resources and investment funds to meet patient needs better overall.

As an infusion therapy partner, we see our role in the health community as one of support, serving to further the continuum of care so that patients have more diverse options to suit their varied needs.

A High Quality, Low-cost, and Reliable Partner for Insurers

Our insurance partners are essential in helping patients receive their critical therapies. Our outpatient infusion setting is 30%-60% less expensive for our insurance providers than alternative sites of care. Our experience, training, and compliance protocols delivered in state-of-the-art facilities makes us a partner of choice of insurance companies. Our strong relationships with payors enables us to quickly and effectively verify benefits and secur drug authorizations. Our team collaborates directly with our patient’s physician to provide our insurance partners with all relevant information needed to expedite approvals promptly.

Our Role as an Infusion Therapy Partner in the National Landscape

Infusion for Health is part of a National Infusion Center Association (NICA) – an organization dedicated to deepening understanding and advocacy of the safety and cost-effectiveness of community-based infusion therapy. NICA infusion center locator recognizes Infusion for Health in its national network of local, standalone infusion therapy providers dedicated to contributing more significant value to the U.S. healthcare system.

Infusion for Health Cares

Partnership Opportunities

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Join Us in Building a Stronger Health Community

Are you interested in creating a more positive health community where patients’ needs come first? Join our collaborative network. We have multiple locations throughout Southern California.

Whether you are a life sciences company, a hospital or health facility, or an insurer, we would love to hear from you. We are always eager to find new partners who share our passion.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our therapeutic interventions and how we operate.

Infusion For Health offers exceptional infusion therapy services in a comfortable, safe environment in locations throughout the greater Southern California area.