Dan McCarty

Chief Executive Officer, joined the company in 2020. Dan brings extensive healthcare experience to Infusion For Health, including senior leadership roles physician practice management, infusion …

Gordon Phillips
VP of Finance

Gordon Phillips joined the company in 2019. Gordon brings broad healthcare finance and analytics experience from investment banking, consulting, and operating roles with such companies …

David Sassounes
VP of Procurement

David Sassounes, VP of Procurement, joined the company in 2015 bringing with him 40 years of experience working for some of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers …

Magali “Maggie” Vasquez
Director of HR & RED

Magali “Maggie” Vasquez, joined Infusion for Health in 2020 as a Director of Human Resources and Real Estate Development. Prior to joining, Maggie was Chief …

Denise Jaffe
VP of Clinical Operations

Denise Jaffe oined the company in 2016. Denise brought an extensive and multi-faceted clinical background to support our growth. Previously Denise managed California Allergy and …

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