Infusion center Ventura

An infusion center is a medical facility in which medications, vitamins or hydration is administered to a patient through a vein or intravenously. Patients of all ages may be candidates for infusion therapy as determined by their doctors.


Many patients are those who are being treated for autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s Disease or rheumatoid arthritis. Several patients have a need for antibiotic infusions due to the fact that swallowing pills is too difficult for them or just won’t work fast enough to overcome their infections. Other patients simply need to be hydrated or given vitamin doses for general health or anemic conditions.


Infusion centers are better than hospitals for intravenous treatments for several reasons. The risks of infections are much lower in infusion centers than in hospitals. The ratio of staff to patient in infusion centers is greater allowing more attention to each individual patient at any given time. Diversions due to emergencies are rare and keep patients and staff more relaxed. In hospitals, caregivers are often called away to assist other patients in need without warning, where in infusion centers, the number of patients is controlled and staffing is always adequate.

Infusion center Ventura

Our infusion center in Ventura employees are highly competent, thorough, professional and educated in all aspects of infusion medicine. The doctors, nurses and medical assistants always ensure a comfortable painless environment for patients of all ages. Our infusion rooms are made as homey as possible with comfortable seating for patients and family. They are equipped with flat screen televisions, iPads, wifi connectivity and reading material on handy tables. Healthy snacks and drinks are kept handy near the infusion rooms and are available just for the asking. The thoughtful design layout and non clinical furniture allow the patient to truly feel as though they are in a home environment. The touch of a button will summon a nurse if needed for any reason whatsoever.


Since we do treat children of all ages, our infusion centers have cozy environment for children to receive treatments with their parent nearby. Receiving an intravenous infusion can be a little frightening for a child, so we take extra care to explain to the child exactly what to expect. When the child and parent know what the treatment will entail ahead of time, the family is less frightened and more compliant. Seeing the room that treatment will take place in and how the room is set up makes for a friendlier more welcoming stress free treatment protocol. We supply several types of entertainment to occupy the children during their treatments and encourage them to bring their own diversions, if they wish to do so.


Our physicians and other staff consult with patients upon initial visit and discuss options for their treatment protocol. The caring staff will always thoroughly answer any and all questions patients or their families may have in regard to any aspect of their treatment. Respect and communication is the basis for our practice and that is how we treat every patient.


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