Dr. Gholam R. Mohammadzadeh, a nationally respected cardiologist, opened Infusion for Health in 2014 in Thousand Oaks because he saw a need for a better way of providing intravenous (infusion) treatment for patients. The traditional ways of administering treatments are less than ideal.

Elderly patients often receive infusions in their home. While the surroundings are comforting, patients are on their own since the administering nurse frequently leaves and returns only after the treatment is complete. If there is an emergency during treatment, the only recourse is for the patient to dial 911.

For post op patients and patients with chronic illnesses, treatments often mean treks to the hospital. These stark, impersonal experiences expose vulnerable patients to hospital-borne illnesses.

Health-conscious individuals use infusions of vitamins, minerals and iron as a way to boost energy levels and strengthen their immune system. They have had nowhere to go to get quick service. With Infusion for Health, you can schedule a treatment during your lunch hour.

Infusion for Health is part medical clinic, part health spa. Patients receive the same professional care provided by a hospital but in a relaxed, stress-free setting.